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In addition to the company’s participation in elite racing, Promoracing have also distinguished themselves throughout their history by their work with young riders who, over time, have come to be leading names in the world of motorcycle racing.

The clearest example of this dedication to youth development is that more than 30 riders on the starting grids of the various categories of the MotoGP World Championship have passed through the team at some point in their sporting careers.

Amongst those who have undertaken their apprenticeship in the complex world of elite motorcycle racing with the team are Alex Márquez, Aleix and Pol Espargaró, Isaac Viñales, Jordi Torres, David Salóm, Ivan Silva, José David de Gea, Raúl Jara and Ricky Cardús amongst others.

That such a prestigious entity as RACC, which devotes a significant part of their competitive activity to training new riders and organising promotional competitions, have traditionally trusted in Promoracing, is one of the most tangible signs of the professionalism and skill of the team in working with younger riders.

Another of the key points in this regard is that the Federación Venezolana de Motociclismo (Venezuelan Federation of Motorcycling) has also placed the training and sporting development of their young talents in Promoracing’s hands, and in some cases this has resulted in Moto3 World Championship participation.

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