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Amongst the key elements of any successful sporting project at the elite level of motorcycle racing are the rider and his perparations for competition, which are crucial in order to face competitive challenges with confidence.

At Promoracing we have a comprehensive plan of multidisciplinary training that is geared to maximising each and every one of the capabilities of the rider. This ranges from activities directly related to fitness, to those which are linked to different riding techniques away from the race track, which bear fruit once applied in competition.

During the season there are various phases of training, which combine with the weekly work of the riders, either within the structure of our team or with work alongside other teams. This is because on more than one occasion, riders who take part in the various categories of the MotoGP World Championship have joined Promoracing preparation programs to improve their physical and technical condition.

Physical preparation takes place via a range of varying activities to improve performance on the bike, such as athletics, multidisciplinary gym work, mountain bike, road bike and stretching and flexibility routines.

Regarding mental preparation, the work carried out is based on the techniques of concentration and strategy, in addition to visualisation exercises for practice sessions and races, to help the rider to make the right decisions when in full competition.

Finally, motorcycle training based around disciplines such as Supermotard and flat track dirt riding are carried out in order to perfect the arts of sliding, cornering, decision making and pushing whilst cornering.

Once the different stages of training are complete testing at circuits is undertaken, in order to put the relevant techniques picked up away from the track into practice.

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