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Regardless of racing results and what happens on the track, the MotoGP World Championship and overall elite rider competitions make a magnificent setting for meetings of all kinds, both socially and professionally.

Promoracing have always been fully aware and alert to this and place importance on the exclusivity of their hospitality services at events, whether that be to support their own team or in some seasons to support other World Championship teams and sponsors.

The two-storey hospitality structure (expandable to three) has 200m2 of floor space, a working staff of seven people and for many years has been a reference point in the MotoGP World Championship paddock.

Within the spectacular hopitality unit, which is constructed at each Championship event by Promoracing personnel and rises above the rest of hospitality structures, different areas and technologies cater to all types of guests and offer a personalised service, selected to complement your visit to the Grand Prix.

The excellence of the welcome and service complements the interior of the restaurant, the bar, the view and the leisure activities all planned carefully and designed by Promoracing, to meet the needs and objectives of any sponsor or client.

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