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In order to carry out their sports projects at the maximum level of productivity and professionalism, Promoracing have a large and efficient facility on the outskirts of Barcelona. This consists in a 1000m2 warehouse fully equipped to accommodate all the activities related to high level competition and all that this entails. The total area of the company’s physical infrastructure is divided into three clearly differentiated spaces for three different functions. Firstly, there are 200m2 dedicated to the parking of team vehicles (trucks, vans, etc.) and the storage of generic and technical material.

On the first floor (400m2), located in the technical and mechanical work space, there is a workshop area, a test bank, there are various machinery and assembly areas and other spaces required for the maintenance and static development of motorbikes and to even make and test parts.

The upper floor is dedicated to management and has several offices for various departments, in addition to a space for the design, layout and production of the artwork and branding required by the different teams run by the company.

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