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With their considerable experience and extensive expertise in the areas of sponsorship, marketing and branding, Promoracing also has an events division which creates an array of solutions and proposals, to meet the requirements of any sponsor or outside enterprise focusing on the world of motorcycle racing.

Throughout the history of the company, various events and activities have been managed both within and outside circuits, with specific projects created depending on the sector and the required public facing message. The variety of solutions which Promoracing offers facilitates the diversification of platforms and commercial promotional event types.

Added to this the racing world offers great potential for exploitation in terms of marketing techniques without the content being strictly linked to races or performance themselves.

In this regard, based on strict market analysis and studies of specific economic impacts for each case, many activities can be hosted, such as presentations of dynamic and static product, social events of many kinds, riding courses, riding both in and around all of Spain’s race tracks and all manner of events related directly or indirectly to the world of two wheels, both leisure and business wise.

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